Craigslist Missed Connection I Never Posted (thank god)

Bronco (ick) - w4m - 26 (Asheville)

age : 26

Okay, it’s been too long, Adam, and I have to get this out, even if it’s in this pathetic venue. Four years, darling; you still have my head tied in knots.

I think about the love we made, the husks of ladybugs crunching beneath my feet during that summer they invaded as if D-Day landed all over your linoleum.

Remember one of those last days when I took you to have your teeth cleaned? Remember your cancer neuroses? Remember our fights?

I’m past the violence now, love; I’ve grown up and out. I’m skinnier than when you last saw me, and after our break, you gained a bit of pudge. How that made me happy; you were doing as badly as I was. Remember the car wreck?

I’ve never been the same since you.

I just want closure, and I’ve realized I have to create it myself because you thrive off mystery, heartbreak, mania. I heard from Marty that house in the hollow was haunted. Now I truly believe it was. Haunted by our shadows leaning across the porch as we drank cheap wine and discussed dendrology.

Have fun, Mr. Bronco Raft Guide Man. Your ego was a fair match to mine, but you outdid yourself in the manipulation realm. Well done. Jesus, remember our sessions in the walk-in cooler? Exhale.

I’m done, Adam.

I can’t afford to devote anymore of my time to a relationship built with whimsy. Hindsight will find me one of these days, as I hope it does you. Good fucking luck; you deserve it…


Tithonia Rotundifolia Haiku

Mexican flower

innocent of name; aflame,

orange as apathy.

HFA ©2014


Black Beard on mission-

shipwrecked and vulnerable,

slightly vermiform.

-HFA © 2014


You, skink-like, slither
in distaste; you’d be ashamed-
the names I call you.

-HFA © 2014

Upon Visiting Your Parents’ House

In a hundred feet
your mother teaches me eight
types of begonia.

HFA © 2014

Afternoon Shower

Rain pellets give way
to mercurial insects,
emblazoned in pink.

HFA © 2014

Nostalgia Haiku

Scanning a newborn

profile picture- me gasping

toward watermelon.

HFA © 2014

Raw Blue Point Oyster Haiku

Two tangerine pea 
crabs sloth-wave goodbye, grasping
past their oyster lives.

HFA © 2014

Tithonia Rotundifolia Haiku

Mexican flower
innocent of name; aflame,
orange as apathy.
HFA 2014

Existential Haiku

Ephemera slinks
lamb-meek and mewling softer
than a ticking clock.

HFA ©2014